The RED camera family has proved to be a popular choice for all types of cinematography from major studio pictures to experimental music videos. RED technology and design is known for its adaptability and customisation. Panavision offers a variety of camera generations and accessories, enabling us to tailor an ideal camera package for the task at hand.

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The Panavision® Genesis® Digital Camera System

The Genesis has a well-earned reputation for reliability, on-set efficiency, and trouble free post-production. More than just a camera , Genesis is a complete system that features high quality recording formats; a sophisticated onset color display for error-free filming; and an on-set, real time DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) creation tool that can help catch problems before you leave the location. Its size, weight, and ergonomics make it ideal for studio, handheld, or Steadicam applications.

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Gold GII

Golden Panaflex GII Camera System - PFX-GII

Building on the success of the original Panaflex 35mm camera introduced in 1972, the Gold (1976) and Gold II (1987) continue to provide reliable film capture. The Gold and GII accept the complete complement of Panavision® 35mm lenses and accessories. Top- or rear-mountable 500 foot or 1000 foot film magazines are suitable for either studio or hand held configurations. And the Gold II is the first camera of its kind featuring replaceable circuit boards.

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Panaflex Platinum Camera - PFX-P

The Panaflex Platinum has a long and proud history as a reliable, sync-sound quiet, 35mm film camera, using Panavision 35mm lenses and accessories. Top or rear mountable 500 or 1000 foot film magazines are suitable for either studio or hand held configurations.

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Panavision® Large Format System 65

65mm Cameras

Panavision 65mm cameras use a 5-perforation pull-down, 65mm film, and many of the same accessories as our 35mm cameras. The 65mm format uses the maximum negative area for highest possible widescreen image capture quality. 

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Panaflex Lightweight II

Panaflex Lightweight Camera System - PFXLW-II

The Panaflex Lightweight is a perfect camera for Steadicam or remote crane use. With a body made of magnesium and all non-essential items removed, this is one of the lightest cameras available.

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Mini Scorpio EZ Head

Service Vision are known for high quality equipment, and their Mini Scorpio EZ Head is no different offering incredibly non-stabilised smooth movements even in extreme slow or high speed.

Utilising its modular design, the EZ head accommodates a variety of camera sizes and weights, only limited by its 45kg payload.

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